Alicia Rountree, the international model and wellness guru, is a tour de force in the worlds of fashion, nutrition, fitness and travel. Rountree’s vibrant presence is a warm echo of her childhood home in Mauritius, a tropical island nestled to the east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, where Rountree grew up as the 8th generation on her family plantation. Her experience growing up so close to the land and ocean, surrounded by food and culture is a timeless well of inspiration. 


In addition to her international modeling campaigns, Rountree co-founded the chic Nolita restaurant, Tartinery. The eatery’s namesake open-faced sandwich is an ode to simple, elegant French fair made with the freshest ingredients. Since opening in 2010, it has expanded to three coveted locations around Manhattan.

In 2015 Alicia graduated from IIN, the world's largest nutrition school, becoming a certified health coach.

Height: 5"9   |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Blonde


Stella Adler   |   New York   |   Acting Technique

Margie Haber   |   Los Angeles   |   On Camera

RADA   |   London   |   Scene Study

Cours Florent   |   Paris   |   Improv

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