Alicia Rountree

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Alicia was born and brought up in Mauritius, a tropical island situated east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean and home of the now extinct Dodo bird. An 8th generation Mauritian, she grew up in a loving family with 2 brothers and a sister.

Growing up surrounded by nature, Alicia became aware early on of the fragility of our eco-system and the importance to protect the balance of our world. She is very much involved in an organization called Water Thirst Today that specializes in making clean water more accessible by building and restoring Water wells in Africa.

At a tender age, Alicia dreamt of the catwalk and the big screen and remembers pulling costumes out of a dress up chest and ruining her mother's high heels on numerous occasions.

Her youth was spent swimming, climbing trees, running around bare foot and looking after numerous pet animals.

Determined, Alicia always knew what she wanted. At pre-school when the class was asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, Alicia stood up and said: 'I want to be a Top Model'.

Alicia always loved dancing and enjoyed going to her ballet lessons so much that at one point she considered taking it to a professional level. She is also an avid water-skier.

She attended the French Lycee in Mauritius until she was 14 and then went to TASIS in Lugano, Switzerland, to continue her studies.

Living in Mauritius definitely contributed to bringing out the artistic genes in Alicia - the abundance of color, the exotic flowers, the turquoise sea, the volcanic mountains and the Indian ladies wearing beautiful silk saris are memories she will always cherish.

Whichever modeling assignment she is on and in whichever city, Alicia always visits museums/art galleries or sees a play. She also makes time to visit local markets to find vintage items she likes to collect.

She is fond of jewelry making and designing and is looking forward to creating her own swimwear and accessories line.

Her passion for acting has led her to study mainly at Stella Adler in NYC and BOVA Actors Workshop, but also at RADA in London and Cours Florents in Paris. She currently divides her time between New York, Paris, London and Milan.

She is fluent in English, French, Creole and is working on her Italian.